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7 should and shouldn’t do to induction with pressure cooking

Induction cooktop

Induction cooktop

Pressure cooking with induction is totally different from cooking on electric coil or gas, where you can see the generated heat by an element or flame and then converted into the sides and the cooker’s base, then the food inside. Meanwhile, pressure cooker’s base will be turned into the heat source, which means that only the cooker’s base will be heat in the cooking process.

Hence, it gives out a question about whether it is a brilliant idea to use induction for pressure cook. The answer is absolutely a sound YES!

Along with the small adjustments, induction cooking converts 90% of its energy to the pot ( in comparison with 47% of the electric burner). Therefore, pairing your induction burner with pressure cooker will make your household become an energy-saving superstar.

Pressure cook method on induction

SHOULDN’T pre-heat your cooker

I have the pre-heating habit, in which I heat the pressure cooker’s base on a low flame so that I have more time to peel the garlic cloves or slice onions. However, I kept getting burnt the charred onions and olive oil. Hence, do not pre-heat your cooker on the induction because the surface of cooking will be hot and ready to use within 15 seconds.

SHOULD prioritize for aromatics slicing, then turning on your induction burner right before tossing aromatics or oil to sauté.

SHOUDN’T bring the pressure cooker on high temperature

If you follow the old advice with bring the cooker on high heat to pressure, there are several things can happen: the cooker can reach pressure really fast (about 4 minutes), carbonized tomato sauces and bonded cooker’s base, and under-done disappointing food. Another thing that is not clear may happen too, in which the pressure cooker has’t got enough time to release all the air and therefore, cooks the food at a lower heat ( you can find the mechanics explain here)

SHOULD bring the cooker to pressure by tacking on a few minutes to the cooking time or on medium heat to make over the lower temperature of pressure cooking.

SHOUDN’T walk away after adjusting the heat from a wide or very full cooker. This is one of the cons of the induction’s instant heat of function to pressure cooking. Though the cooker can reach pressure, its sides are kept at a lower temperature rather than its piping hot aluminum-disk-clad base. When the heat is lowered and you walk away from your cooker, there is an internal pressure that can quickly fall because the generated heat from the base isn’t enough to keep the food boiling inside and reserving pressure and heat up the rest of the food or cooker.

SHOULD be around for heat adjustments within the first five minutes of pressure with very wide or full cookers.

SHOULD use the timer’s induction burner feature in order to set the pressure cooking time that the burner will automatically turn off when the time is up.

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Claude Biller jr - Feb, 2017

Can I put a 8gal pot on this and not hurt it

Claude Edward Biller jr - Feb, 2017

Can I put a 8 gal stainless steel pot 9n this and not hurt it and also will 8t work ok

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