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How to endure the induction cooktop?

induction cooktop foodThe induction cooktop increasingly becomes popular to the housewives all over the world. It is found in not only the restaurant kitchen (small restaurant only) but also home kitchen because of its very wonderful features.

But how to keep such kind of utensil endurable is still a question that many cooks have not known the answer very well. The induction cooktop is not too difficult to use but it also requires the users to understand its operation and comply with some important rules. Reading the product’s manual carefully before operating is the key to keep the long induction cooktop’s service life. Besides, there are also some rules that you have to remember to maintain the induction cooktop. This article will show the users the proper ways to endure the best induction cooktop.

Because it is an electrical appliance, so, the first thing to remember is safety. Here are some ways to keep the induction cooktop operating in a safe and sound mode:

Use properly:

  • Use it on a flat surface.
  • Do not use the induction cooktop on a metal surface or table.
  • Do not wash the induction cooktop with the dishwasher.
  • Pay attention to the outlet when using along with other electrical appliance such as microwaves, toasters… because it may cause overload to the outlet and your induction cooktop will be reduced the life expectancy.
  • Be sure the extension cord (if used) is good because if it is damaged, it can make the induction cooktop to malfunction.
  • Do not try to switch off the induction cooktop by unplugging the power cable.
  • Do not use the induction cooktop if the power cable is broken.
  • Do not place aluminum foil and metal things on the glass surface because these items can cause overheating to the induction cooktop.
  • Do not put things like wires into the induction cooktop’s ventilation slots because this many lead to electric shock and damage it.
  • If the induction cooktop’s cable is damaged, never operating it. And the best thing is that you should always check the power cable before using.
  • You must use the induction compatible cookware to cook or heat the food.


Woman's hand cleaning induction stove with cloth

Woman’s hand cleaning induction stove with cloth

Because the surface of the induction cooktop is smooth and flat, overflows and spills will not stick to it. So, they can simply be cleaned up. The soft cloth and dedicated sponge are the best suitable to wipe them. You must avoid using soaps or abrasive materials to clean the induction cooktop. The glass ceramic surface of the induction cooktop should be wiped without powder to avoid the scratch on it.

While cleaning the operating panel and casing, remember to use a mild detergent or a soft cloth.  You must not make water penetrate inside your induction cooktop and immerse it and its cable into water and any other liquids.

Oil based cleansers could not be used to avoid damaging the operating panel and casing or the plastic parts.

Never use flammable, alkaline or acidic materials near the products because which may cause the reduction of the service life to it and fire risk when turning on.

Make sure you make the induction cooktop completely clean before storing it.

Repair and do maintenance work:

Only qualified experts are able to repair or to do maintenance work. You must remember not to try to repair or dissemble the induction cooktop by your own.


Make sure to put the induction cooktop in a dry, cool place to enhance its service life.

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G - Jun, 2016

I spent over $180 on this cooktop and it won’t stop blinking!
It is sO annoying!
Please help me!
How do I turn it off? I already tried turning off while pot is still on and IT DID NOT WORK!

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