Happy cooking with induction cooktop

Happy cooking with induction cooktop

Lisa Simpson was a professional chef in Seattle for a long period of time. When up-grating her kitchen, she came across the induction cooktop and totally fell in love with this very convenient kitchen appliance.

She said “It was like I had driven a VW Beetle my whole life and someone suddenly handed me the keys to Ferrari” after trying the induction cooktop to cook ten dishes.

Induction cooktop is the very useful appliance that provides every cooking benefit of using gas and with no drawbacks found. Because the cons of using gas in this very modern world, the induction cooktop is more and more preferred by the cooks. Along with energy saving, the induction is of the best serve. It also has geek appeal and delivers the reputation to the users. Because of these wonderful features, the induction cooktop is regarded as the Ipad of every kitchen. With the induction technology, it could change the everyday tasks of housewife or professional chef forever.

Not only the housewife but also the professional chef is interested in cooking with the induction cooktop, according to a recent research. Why are they so fascinated by the induction cooktop? Let’s discover the benefits of the induction cooktop to find out the answer for this question!

The induction cooktop offers a lot of performance advantages and benefits, as shown in the following:

1. Faster:

It’s much faster than traditional cooking way such as gas. The heat comes on very so fast, in only a few tick tack, that anyone whose habit is pouring oil into a pan and then chopping some onions will make a huge mistake. It is because the energy is transferred directly within the induction cookware metal. If you are a chef working in food service industry, time is counted by money. The faster the cooking is, the more revenue you gain is.

2. Safer

The induction cooktop is much safe than any electric surface because you will see no flame outside the induction cooktop while cooking (no open flame). There is no red-hot coil or radiant heat, too.

And it is safer than using gas, of course! Since the propane in the gas tank is very dangerous and is an area prone to accidents such as earthquakes.

3. Cleaner

Woman's hand cleaning induction stove with cloth

Woman’s hand cleaning induction stove with cloth

The surface of the induction cooktop is very smooth, which means the food or liquid is hard to stick to the induction cooktop’ surface. You will not be worried about grease or grates. The cleaning work now is easier than ever. All you need is just a damp cloth and then using it to wipe the surface of the induction cooktop.

4. Cooler

Kitchen with induction stove

Kitchen with induction stove

The induction cooktop keep your kitchen always cool. Because if you use the traditional gas or electric cooking appliance, you will create waste that equals to nearly half of the heat they generated. And this waste will heat up the kitchen atmosphere instead of heating up the food. Beside the waste energy, you also have to add an extra cost because the structural cooling will require from you an amount of money.The induction cooktop will create no ambient heat because the heat is all produced within the pan.

5. Cheaper

Using induction cooktop, you will reduce the cost of energy because it is much more energy efficient than traditional gas or any electric ranges. According to a research, using the induction cooktop could save up nearly 40% of the cost you had paid before because of using gas or other electric ranges.

The specific number is: induction cooktop can deliver 90% of the expense you spend on energy to where you want it to be – the pan; while gas delivers just a very little amount – 55%, and about 65% with traditional electric ranges. Specially, if you move the cookware from the surface of the induction cooktop, it will goes to standby mode right away, which will save most of energy waste.

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