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The induction cooktop is an electrical appliance. So, there are always some rules to maintain it. In the previous article, we have shown you  how to endure the induction cooktop. This post lies the very important rule, not only for the service life of the induction cooktop but also for safety.

How to solve problems in an induction cooktop to ensure that it can properly operate again? Here are some common problems occurring with an induction cooktop:

Induction cooktop does not commence

The controls of the induction cooktop are locked. To unlock the induction cooktop, you simply need to set the induction cooktop controls.

Circuit breaker was tripped or house fuse was blown. Just check out the breaker of you should replace the fuse.

If the problem is due to outlet overload, you should call the qualified electrician for help.

Maybe non-operation is due to power outage. Just turn on the house lights to check.

Induction cooktop turns off when operating

It may be the case that you have been using the induction cooktop for a long time, which is normal. All you have to do is letting it turn off for a while then starting again. (You can read the instruction manual of the induction cooktop to get more details)

The internal heat sensor of the induction cooktop has found high temperature. Just check the induction cooktop ventilation system is not blocked.

Maybe there are some objects or fluids spilled on the controls area on the induction cooktop. You should clean spills and remove such things from the induction cooktop surface.

Re-power the induction cooker is also a good solution to do.

The food is not heated

Nuwave PIC 2 - Precision Induction Cooktop 2

The food is not heated

Maybe there is no power to the induction cooker. Just reset or check if there is any breaker in the wire and replace the fuse if necessary.

If the problem is due to an outlet overload or wrong connection of plug or cable supplied accompanied with the induction cooktop. You should find an electrician to correct this situation.

The cooking control of the induction cooktop may be incorrect. Just turn on the control.

Heat setting on the induction cooktop may be at low heat. You can simply fix it by turning on the heat, but must turn slightly until you see the element coming on.

Be sure to use the correct control for each cooking zone.

Maybe it is due to wrong kind of pan or cookware material is not appropriate. Be sure to use the suitable type.

The cookware bottom may be not wide enough for the cooking zone of the induction cooktop.

Maybe you put the cookware of pan in the wrong position (not in the center on the induction cooktop surface).

The cooking results are poor

Just adjust the power of heat level

The cookware material may be too lightweight. You should buy the heavier cookware compatible with the induction cooktop.

The LED lamp continuously flashes

It may be due to the induction cooktop not seeing the appropriate cookware material on its surface. Just check the cookware using magnet to ensure the cookware material is compatible with the induction cooktop.

If you have not turned off the induction cooktop but have removed the cookware from the cooking zone of it, the LED will flash. Be sure to switch off the induction cooktop before removing the cookware or just put the cookware on the cooking zone if you do not want to turn off the induction cooktop.

Maybe the cookware is not positioned in the correct place of the induction cooktop’s cooking zone.

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Janis Herring - Jan, 2017

I need to buy some induction cooktop cleaner..

    Janis Herring - Aug, 2017

    Why doesn’t anyone sell a cleaning ;product for an induction cooktop?

Janis Herring - Aug, 2017

I want to purchase some induction cooktop cleaner. Is there anyone that sells it in Wichita Falls, TX ?
Janis Herring

Janis Herring - Aug, 2017

I cannot seem to find a cleaner product to clean my induction cooktop. Can you help e?

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