Samsung NE597N0PB 5.9 Cu. Ft. Electric

Samsung NE597N0PB 5.9 Cu. Ft. Electric Free Standing FlexCook Zone Induction Cooktop Range, Stainless Steel
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Induction technology has changed our perception of cooking and the efforts involved in it. Unlike few years back when you would have to wait to achieve the right temperature for cooking, induction cooktops allow instant heating, precision control, and a whole range of extraordinary features. The same holds true for Samsung NE597N0PB 5.9 cu. Ft. induction cooktop. It comes with some specific features including enhanced control and higher efficiency. Further, it comes with an extra large oven, which allows you to cook food in bulk and serve to a large gathering.

Features of Samsung NE597N0PB induction cooktop

  • FlexCook Zone: Unlike regular induction cooktops, Samsung NE597N0PB comes with the FlexCook Zone technology, which allows you to use oversized pans in a comfortable manner. You don’t need to buy custom-size pans for this induction cooktop.
  • Boil Alert: Do you witness a boil alert every now and then in your kitchen? This induction cooktop comes with a boil alert function and gives an alert with auto power cutoff.
  • Efficient cooking: Another key feature is the 3-fan true convection that can help in efficient cooking and allows you to cook the food evenly. You can achieve professional cooking ability with the precise temperature control.
  • Large cooking capacity: An extra-large oven is perfect for cooking greater quantity of food and allows semi-commercial usage. For large families, it has become comparatively easier to cook multiple cuisines every single time.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Low heat emission: Samsung NE597N0PB has comparatively lower heat emissions and it is quite impressive considering its huge size. Further, the lower heat emission ensures that you will maintain a pleasant cooling temperature even after long cooking hours.
  • Instant temperature management: A common problem in cooking is to achieve appropriate temperature for different dishes and this cooktop takes care of the problem. With the easy to use digital touch controls, you can change the temperature almost instantly.
  • Safe cooking: Another key feature of Samsung NE597N0PB is that the surface doesn’t get hot and you can cook without those accidental burns. You might feel it warm sometimes but it is a lot better than the conventional cooking units are.
  • Cook with oversized pans: It has a unique FlexCook Zone, which allows you to use pans of varying sizes and you need to cover at least 60% of the cooking area for efficient cooking.


One of the most common complaints for Samsung NE597N0PB is the poor customer service offered by Samsung. Samsung has one of the poorest customer service qualities in induction cooktop and you might have to face the same if any errors appear.

Who should buy Samsung NE597N0PB 5.9 cu. Ft. FlexCook Zone induction cooktop?

Samsung NE597N0PB is perfect for heavy cooking requirements and it is energy-efficient too. With lower emissions rates and some extraordinary features such as boiling alert and free CookZone, it is certainly an excellent product for your kitchen. However, along with these features, you should also consider the customer service quality and ensure that same prior to purchase.

If you are planning to invest such an amount of money in an induction cooktop, you should consider Samsung NE597N0PB with its limitations and shortcomings. On the contrary, its features make this induction cooktop an exceptional product and offers complete value for your money.

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