induction cookware

Be a smart buyer while choosing induction cookware

induction cookware

induction cookware

More and more housewives choose induction cooktop instead of other cooktops because of its superiority. However, how to choose best induction cookware which is compatible to your cooktop. Especially, in case there are various types of induction cooktop available in the market, making decision is way harder. As a result, housewives should be active in acquiring some knowledge of induction cookware to be a wise buyer. This article below provides some factors that users should pay attention to while buying cookware

Smooth of the bottom of cookware

The bottom of cookware is required to be flat and smooth to be compatible to cooktop. In fact, the interface of cooktop is made of tempered glass which is polished and absolutely flat. This is the reason why cookware whose bottom is rough, convex becomes unusable

Material of cookware

Different from other cooktops, induction cooktop cannot interact with all cooking vessels. In fact, material of cookware is a decisive factor that helps housewives recognize whether this cooking vessel is suitable or not. Some perfect or incompatible materials of cooking vessel used for induction cooktops are listed below

1. Cast iron

Cookware made of cast iron is considered compatible to induction cooktop. Physical characteristics of cast iron is that it takes long time for cast iron to be heated but this material remains heating for longer time. However, in case cooking some special dishes requires quick change of temperature, material of this type is not suggested. More importantly, cooking vessels of this type are required to be thick enough to be resistant to rust and to avoid the reaction to acid. Furthermore, cleaning them requires carefulness to avoid protective layer to be detached from surface.

2. Enameled coated cast iron

Cookware made of this material is also suitable to induction cooktop. The advantages of this material are light weight, easy cleaning  and are non-resistant to acid. Moreover, appearance of cookware made of enameled coated cast iron looks delicate so it makes your dishes be presented much tastier. However, enameled layer of cookware is easily destroyed if you set cooktop at high temperature.

3. Stainless steel cookware

Duxtop Whole-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Induction Ready Premium Cookware 10-Pc Set

Similar to cast iron, stainless steel cookware should be thick enough to be resistant to stickiness and rust. Especially, using stainless steel cookware causes no harm to your health because it does not respond to food even you set cooktop at high temperature. However, not all cookware of this type works well with induction cooktop. In fact, due to crystalline structure of stainless steel, some do not bear physical characteristics of magnetism so it cannot interact with the cooktop. In the market, the gap among different stainless steel cookware lies in the composition of inox. Cookware tends to be made of inox 18/10, 18/0 and 18/8 in which inox 18/10 (18% Chrome and 10% Nickel) is widely used to manufacture cooking vessels for its advantages. It is perfectly resistant to rust and its surface looks polished. As a result, it is considered as an ornament for your modern kitchen.

Glass, copper and aluminum are some materials saying no to induction cooktop. All materials cannot be magnetized so if you use cookware of these type, they might make the coil of cooktop to be heated causing cooktop to electrically explode. However, users do not need to worry. The manufacturers successfully developed iron plate which is placed on surface of cooktop so nonferrous cooking vessels are allowed to work with cooktop.

The information above is expected to be useful for users while choosing their own cookware. It is strongly recommended that users buy induction cooktop at reliable shop and ask for advice from shopkeeper there to avoid buying low quality cookware or cookware incompatible to your own cooktop.

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