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Cooking Easy Way with Duxtop 1800 Watt Portable Induction Cooktop

Nowadays, cooking can be convenient and less time-consuming than ever before with different types of cooker. Especially, induction cooktop has recently become a favourite kitchen piece of many families. Let’s have a look through our product for the benefits that you may get from using it for your own good.


DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC

Generally, Duxtop 8100MC is a portable induction cooktop that can be stored anywhere in your kitchen. It uses 120 volts, 15 amps of electricity, which is standardised to be used in every house.

The control panel is in digital format, which is much easier to use then the original burners with hard buttons that require a lot of pressure. You want higher temperature? Not a problem. It can be set from 140oF to 460oF, depending on your needs. You have to go somewhere immediately and worry who can turn the cooker off when it is time? It’s not a big deal with this burner as it has built-in timer that you may choose within the range of 1 minute to 170 minutes. Lower heat so food is nor burnt? Duxtop can fix your concern with its 10 power levels from 200 to 1800 Watts.

On the other hand, any type of induction cookware is compatible with this burner. Also, if a cookware is not detected after 60 seconds, the burner will be automatically off.


What is it best for?

>> It is actually best for anything you want to do in the kitchen. Stir-fry, deep-fry, boiling, slow-cook, basically every task you may wish to do. Also, families with small kitchen benches or your storage area may not be too wide shall find this cooktop a smart choice.

>> Furthermore, if you think the electricity supplies in your region is stable and you do not want to spend much on gas, this Duxtop cooktop cannot be wrong for you.

>> If you are going somewhere for friend-gathering and that place has a plug, take this with you for a quicker meal.

Benefit of using the product

>> Duxtop 8100MC will save more time for the users comparing to other cooking approaches (electricity stoves or gas stoves).

>> Convenience can be brought to families when they do not have to actually be in the kitchen to watch out that food may get spilled on the burner and their countertop.

>> Moreover, you are able to save energy when nothing is in used for heating.

Pros & cons


Experience when using this product

DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC
Most of the time, people find this product help them to do the cookery with a lot of ease and with no time. Some users may experience high pitch sound and ‘overheated error’ message, which shall happen if they receive a bad one from the producer. In this case, they can get a refund or get to be compensated by receiving another one.

Other warnings might be seen on the panel when temperature is too high or too low. It depends on users’ preference that these messages may be quite annoying to some people.

Tips for using and maintenance

Please be aware of your cookware – you should know if they are induction ready or not. If you wish to buy new pieces, please take a small magnet with you to the supermarket. Any material that is magnetic might bring you a better result in heating your food as time will be cut down. Other than that, enamels and cast can work just fine as long as they are induction ready. So ask the seller before buying if you are unsure; it actually saves you lots of money and time if you bring home anything that is not compatible to Duxtop burner.

The burner’s top shall be cool after cookware is removed. Oil, grease, sauce, etc. might be over the top when you cook without the lid on. All you need to do is taking a clean towel and wiping out the stains that may exist on the cooktop.

Although warnings might be sent to users about temperature and auto pan detection function will turn off the burner if it is accidentally turned on, you should be careful not to heat up without any cookware on top.

Lastly, if you keep receiving error warning when you put a pan on top of the burner, please check your cookware if it is compatible to induction cooker.


In sum, Duxtop 8100 MC is a great piece of kitchenware that you may wish to own. With different temperature adjustments and other built-in functions, your meal preparation can be easier than ever. You can save more time as well as energy on your monthly bill to take care of other things. Also, you do not have to worry about burning your food because you cannot be there to watch it out. Hence, safety is a great plus point for your own consideration.