Induction Cooktop Built In

The History of Induction Cooking Technology

Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktop

There are lots of breakthroughs of technology, and induction cooking is one of those. It has been used by many people throughout the world, and they have witnessed its magic since it was introduced in the market during the early part of 1900. This technology was first introduced in a World Fair at Chicago in 1933. Several cooking demonstrations using induction cooker were shown and what makes this cookware at par is the safety and convenience of cooking.

In the early 1970, modern implementations and developments of induction cooking started and were held at R&D Center of Westinghouse Electric Corporation in United States. Through the innovation in technology, modern induction cooktops were developed and the single stand-alone burner range named Cool Top Induction Range. Since then, Westinghouse started to develop their design of induction cooktop and other high quality cookware.

In fact, NASA had developed induction cooker that they used for space program. More units were developed in United States, but were waved by some issues such as low reliability, power as well as noise problems. The popularity of induction cooking failed in the US, but further development continued in Asia and Europe. Today, induction cooking technology becomes more popular.

Induction cooker has an induction coil that produces high frequency, powerful electromagnet. The electromagnetic field generates quick flow of electricity directly to a pan or pot.  The Eddy current produced by the cooker makes the pan heat up quicker without making the stove top hot. In using this cooking technology, you should use cooking vessels that are made of ferrous metal such as steel or iron that can sustain the magnetic field.

Induction Cooking Technology for Modern Kitchen

People with passion in cooking will always find ways to improve their craft. And they will stop at nothing until they come up with the best tasting and looking dish every time. In all that, self-made cooks and chefs make sure that they have the best aid in the kitchen. From cooking ranges to the smallest measuring teaspoons, they trust only the best brands. Cooks and chefs are also fashionable when it comes to their kitchen design and equipment. Most modern-day cooks opt for newer technology equipment like cooktops. This type of cooking equipment is the minimalists’ dream.

Induction Cooktop Built In

Induction Cooktop Built In

Cooktops are the modern counterpart of cooking ranges, slimmer without the boxy body that houses the burners and internal parts. They come in different styles, design, and technology. They can come as coil or smooth top, induction, gas, and modular. Though the functions may be the same, they basically differ in power and the way they look. The brand of the cooktop of choice is also another thing to consider.

As it is a product of technology, users can expect several advantages as follows:

  • Induction cooktops are safer than other cooking ranges. You can prepare your meal conveniently because you can control the heat of the cooktop and there is no open flame unlike in cooking ranges. This way, nobody is tend to get burned or hurt with fire flames compared to the risk that huge cooking ranges offer.
  • Easy to maintain. Preparing and cooking your meal can be a little messy at times. The good thing about having cooktops is that it is minimally styled and designed so there are little details for you to clean.
  • Cooktops are usually designed with a number of burners that come in different sizes. With this, one can easily and immediately cook any amount of dish on the appropriate size of burner.
  • Heavy duty. With today’s technology, induction cooktops are widely advanced when it comes to materials and manufacturing. That way, any chef or cook can assure that they will have reliable cooking equipment.
  • Energy efficient—Induction cooktops have sensor that allows them to automatically shut off when the pan is taken off from the burner. Thus, nothing is wasted with this kind of cooktop.
  • It is safer to use than gas cooktop—the cooktop itself is not heated. When a person accidentally touches the cooktop, it will not burn him so it is safe to use in a kitchen with children roaming around.
  • Precise temperature control—it has reactive control for temperature. It can provide immediate response when you decrease or increase its temperature. This special feature is not available in gas fuelled or any other types of cooktops.
  • Beautifully designed—portable induction cooktops are compactly built; just make sure that there is an outlet where it can be plugged in. It is also styled and designed minimally but classy.
  • Easy to clean—another important factor to consider when purchasing a cooktop is its maintenance. This cooktop is heat resistant, so it is not difficult to clean. Also, there are no complex designs that will allow dirt to deep-seat. Simply wiping it off any spoiled liquid or dirt will leave it clean and good looking again.

Indeed, the induction cooking technology has gone too far and has been part of the everyday cooking adventure of many restaurants and even individuals.

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