Tips for induction cooktops

Tips for induction cooktops

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Tips for installation and usage of induction cooktop

  • It is necessary to inspect the rated voltage of cooktop before installing. Some exported induction cooktops are manufactured to function properly at 100 V. In this case if you want to use these cooktops at 220V, you must install transformer to lower voltage. When power source is not stable (sometimes the voltage is high and sometimes is low), it can damage electrical appliances in general and induction cooktop in particular.
  • Induction cooktop contains a complex electrical and electromagnetic system so when the problems come up, the best solution is to have it fixed by an induction cooktop repairman. Fixing induction cooktops by yourself without any knowledge of it will make the situation even worse.
  • Induction cooktop is kept away from other heating and steam source, wall. Induction cooktop is placed at least 15 cm away from heating and steam source. The ideal temperature for using induction cooktop ranges from 10 to 40 °C.
  • It is important to keep sound recorder, camera, television 3 m away from electrical appliances because these electrical appliances are susceptible to magnetization. If they are magnetized, they will become unusable.
  • When using induction cooktop, users should regulate temperature properly. More importantly, you should pay your whole attention to cooking if you use induction cooktop. Because power of induction cooktop is huge, user’s some- minute neglect might lead induction cooktop overheat. Overheating can crash the surface of cooktop.
  • When you finish cooking, adjust temperature of cooktop to the lowest level and then turn it off. Although you turn it off, heat is left on the surface of cooktop. Therefore, you should not touch the surface of cooktop until the “H” symbol disappears.
  • If you want to clean induction cooktop, it is highly recommended that you wait until the surface of cooktop cool down. You should wipe surface of cooktop with wet cloth and small amount of neutral detergent. Especially, avoiding using harsh chemicals, oil, iron scrubbing brush and avoiding pouring water directly into induction cooktop should be noted. During cooking, user should not let water drop onto surface of cooktop.
Hand in protective glove cleaning a stove

Hand in protective glove cleaning a stove

  • Only ferromagnetic cooking vessels interact with induction cooktop. Therefore, if you want to use clay or ceramic pot, make sure that these pots feature smooth bottom. Then you should place a piece of flat iron on the surface of induction cooktop before putting the pot on it.

Tips for energy efficiency when using induction cooktop

  • Turn it off a couple of minutes in advance: You can turn cooktop off a couple of minutes before you finish your cooking to save energy because the heat left on the surface of cooktop can help food get done. However, this tip is only suitable to boiling food and is not applicable to frying food with a lot of oil.
  • Do not set temperature at the highest level: Induction cooktop functions based on the principle in which heat is created in cooking vessel directly. When comparing with gas cooktop, induction cooktop benefits cooking in faster manner. If you set highest temperature mode for heating cooking vessel as you used to do with other types of cooktop, your cooking vessel might get burnt. So remember to set low temperature mode to secure your safety.
  • Make wise choice of frying pan: It is not suggested that you use aluminum pans because they tend to absorb heat faster than other materials do. It results in overheating or burning your food immediately. Therefore, frying pans made of cast iron or coated with thin copper layer appears to be a wise selection. In case you want your dishes to look delicious such as green vegetable dishes and brown steak dishes, you should consider frying pans of these types.

Vintage cast iron skillet  on rustic wood background.

  • Use proper kitchen utensils: As mentioned above, with induction cooktop, heat generated inside the cooking vessel is way faster. As a result, users should use kitchen utensils which are resistant to heat. Wooden ladle is highly recommended when using with induction cooktop. If you use metal ladle, the physical characteristics of fast heat- transmitted metal can make you get burnt. Otherwise, if you use plastic ladle, it might be melt because of high temperature. Furthermore, you should avoid putting ladle in cooking vessel while the induction cooktop is on. High temperature can boil down or burn plastic ladle.

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