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How can you choose the best portable induction cooktop?

DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Sensor Touch Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8300STCooking has changed a lot from the time of our grandma; it’s no more a mess. People are opting for energy efficient cooktops instead of the conventional methods of cooking. Everyone would need a cooktop that creates minimum mess, easy to clean, and keeps the energy cost low. Induction cooktop is the answer to all of these questions. Induction cooking has revolutionized the methods of cooking and one can prepare food with zero hassles and save up to 70% of energy in the process. If you are planning to purchase the best portable induction cooktop, it is important to understand the basics of an induction cooktop before purchasing one.

How does induction cooktops work?

Induction cooktops work on electromagnetic currents produced by copper wires placed within the ceramic-topped burners. The electromagnetic current allows burners to act a powerful electromagnet and causes the molecules of the pan to vibrate and produce heat. In fact, induction cooking involves heating the pan instead of the induction cooktop. It leads to higher energy efficiency because the energy is directly transferred to the pot instead of the nearby environment.

Best Portable Induction Cooktop: Why Induction Cooktops are the best?

  • Highest efficiency: Induction cooktops are based over the principle of electromagnetic currents and it involves direct transfer of heat to the cookware. The cooktop stays cool during the process and eliminates the danger of gas burns or leaks in the process.
  • Instant cooking: Induction cooking offers instant results and you don’t have to wait for 10 minutes to achieve the right temperature in the pan. You can boil an ounce of water within 3 to 4 minutes making it an excellent way to cook food.
  • Accurate temperature: Another important thing about induction cooktops is the precise temperature control that it offers. You can set any temperature and maintain it with zero hassles. Furthermore, induction cooktops have auto shut off feature making it extremely comfortable to cook meals that require several hours.
  • Safe and easy to clean: Induction cooktops do not create any heat in the surroundings and the cooktop stays cool. In addition, induction cooktop comes with child protection locks making it perfect for the families with children.

The only shortcoming of induction cooktops is that they are expensive and you might have to spend some extra money for the induction cookware.

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Important Factors before Choosing Best Portable Induction Cooktop

Nuwave PIC 2 - Precision Induction Cooktop 2

Countertop Space: First, you need to consider the countertop width and cooking space. Most of the houses have conventional gas burner installed occupying a lot of space of the countertop. If you are planning to choose a built-in induction unit, it will require some serious installation procedure and you might have to remodel the countertop. However, portable induction cooktops are somewhat different and you can adjust them easily on your countertop.

Power supply: You should consider the power supply of your home before choosing an induction unit. Most of the homes have the regular 230 to 240 volts supply with 30 or 50 amperes circuitry. The 30-ampere circuitries are common in older houses and if you are not aware of the power supply, consult an electrician. Choose a unit that can work well in the available electric supply.

Features of induction cooktop: Most of the induction cooktops are more or less alike; however, they might have different set of features. Some of the common features include cookware recognition; overheat sensors, child protection system, spill protection, and residual heat sensors. Make sure to choose the features that you require and purchase an induction cooktop easily.

Some of the best portable cooktops available in the market are:

Induction cooktops can change your cooking experience entirely and when it comes to purchasing a induction cooktop, consider these factors before making a choice. On top of these factors, make sure to consider your budget in the process and choose an induction cooktop accordingly.